My principal research interest is about Ranking models, and more general in Information Retrieval and Data Mining, including but not limited to: diverse ranking, learning to rank and proximity. Additionally, my research interests also include: query understanding, large-scaled machine learning, and deep learning. In particular, I am also farmilar with Search Engine Architecture due to rich practical project experiences. Comparing with many pure researchers, I am with good engineering skills (e.g., coding ability~~). Therefore, my prior research can be viewd as a kind of application-driven research, which will still last in the future.

Selected Projects

I3Ssearch Platform (Apr.2011 - Apr.2012)
This is a basic retrieval search platform for many National 863 projects, to provide basic retrieval services. I am in charge of the following detailed tasks:
  • Design and implementation of distributed indexing architecture and distributed searching architecture;
  • Extend retrieval platform of single-node to a distributed retrieval framework;
  • People Search (Mar.2010 - Mar.2011)
    I am responsible for the design of the first on-line version of People Search (, and the detailed tasks are shown as follows:
  • Design and implement distributed indexing for web page;
  • Design and implement real-time indexing for real-time news;
  • Responsible for NOSQL DB applications and their optimizations;
  • Design of front-end search result caching and its optimization;
  • PB-level high-performance mass storage system (Aug.2008 - Feb.2010)
    This is a National 863 project for the organization and access of massive amounts of information. I am in charge of the following detailed tasks:
  • Design file fragmentation detection mechanism of the file system;
  • Responsible for online defragmentation of the file system;